Stores That Source Locally

Photo of Frederick’s Common Market by Renee Brooks Catacalos

I don’t have any scientific criteria for determining the stores on this list. Basically, if I can find more than one local product in each of the fresh food parts of the store—produce dairy, meat, seafood—every time I go there, they make my list. These are the ones I am most familiar with. Connect with me on Facebook or Twitter if you know of others!


Chesapeake’s Bounty – North Beach and St. Leonard, MD

Sources 100 percent of the products in its two small Southern Maryland stores from the Chesapeake region, including all kinds of local fish, crabs and shellfish

Common Market – Frederick, MD

Great variety of meats, seafood, lots of dairy, and vegetables from local producers, including some produce grown on its own nearby farm, as well as local ginger beer on tap

Dawson’s Market – Rockville, MD

Uses labels to rate produce as “Local-Good,” “Local-Better,” or “Local-Best,” depending on a combination of distance and growing methods; hosts a farmers market and sells local beer on tap

Glen’s Garden Market – Dupont Circle and Adams Morgan, DC

Catering to busy young urbanites, Glen’s has a focus on prepared foods and entertaining, featuring a large number of local cheeses, jams and condiments, beers and beverages

Maple Avenue Market – Vienna, VA

Along with local dairy and meats, stocks only seasonal produce, including greenhouse-grown produce in winter, from the owners’ own farm and other Virginia producers

MOM’s Organic Market – multiple locations in MD, DC, VA

Most fresh meats are from local and organic sources, along with seasonal produce, eggs, dairy, tofu, jam and honey, and several local ice cream brands

Takoma Park Co-op – Takoma Park, MD

Frozen meat from Takoma Park Farmers Market vendors, local tofu, eggs, dairy and produce, and BeeGeorge Honey from backyard hives in and around Takoma Park